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5 ways violent games can affect your children negatively

May 25, 2017

Not all video games are educative or good for children. There are some games that may have a bad effect on them.

Here are some ways violent games affect your children negatively.

Role in killing process

The virtual experiences in video games feel very real. The children take the first-person role in the killing process. In these games, the kids play as one of the main characters. The experience becomes deadly and they it gets stuck in their brain.

They perceive success to be equivalent to killing

In many games, you get points or a feeling of success when you kill someone. This is sending a wrong message to the kids. They start thinking that killing is actually good.

Disrespect women

In many of the violent games, you will see that disrespect is shown towards women. This will affect your child’s personality. He will grow up and start disrespecting his girlfriend or wife.

Resolve conflicts through violence

By playing violent video games, kids learn how to express themselves physically. They start thinking that you need to be violent in order to resolve conflicts. So, they will start behaving in a violent way with their friends in school.

Explicit language

Most violent video games use explicit language. The children learn these bad terms and consider it as part of their normal vocabulary. They start using it with their friends and others.

You should now allow your child to play violent games. These games will have very bad consequences on your child’s life.

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