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5 types of video games that every designer must know about

May 25, 2017

In the past, games were made by individual programmers who used to develop games as part of their hobby. Today, the video game industry has boomed. Now professionals from various disciplines and skill sets develop games. As a game designer, you must be aware of the following types of video games.

Casual video games

People used to play solitaire on computers befoe. Now, they play epic role-playing games or first-person shooter games. The casual games only need simple premise and less time to play. ‘Bejeweled’ is a great example. It is one of the first successful casual games. The hidden object game is also a great casual video game.

Online browser games

These games are played by both casual and hardcore gamers. Online browser games can reach a wide group of audiences. This game can be played in any browser no matter what the operating system is. They include any various genre of vide games. RuneScape is an example of such a game. It is a very popular online role-playing game having more than 200 million accounts.

Social network games

These games have access to the user’s network profile and user statistics as well. So, they can invite their friends to play the games. You can buy a virtual item to complete your quest. Farmville is a very popular game.

AAA Games

This game is for the hardcore gamers. The game has a very high budget and makes a huge profit. The game has cinematic cut scenes, lovely soundtracks and famous actors often do the voiceovers and Daily Tips. The budgets of these games are often equivalent to that of a Hollywood movie. ‘Mass effect’ is an example of such a game.

Indie games

These games are made by a single programmer or independent studios. These games have small budgets. It is a very popular modern video games. There are many platforms available for release of the game. This game is aimed towards a niche between casual games and AAA games. They are appealing to the non-casual gamers also, but these games do not offer the same cinematic experience as the AAA games. ‘Minecraft’ is a popular game in this category.

These various types of video games are appealing to different people. As a designer, you must select what kind of players you want to target and then develop the game.

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