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4 reasons why video games are good for you

May 25, 2017

People often debate about whether video games are good or bad. Many people think that they are bad as they cause mental and physical problems. However, according to professional studies, video games are actually good for you.

Here are the reasons why.

It can slow down aging

You can keep your brain in shape by playing video games. Playing video games like 8 Ball Pool actually can slow down aging by several years. When you perform any task that needs exercising your mind, your aging process will slow down.

Makes you a better decision maker

Playing video games can help to improve our ability to make decisions. Action video games are very fast-paced with various events and images popping up and fading away. You have to take in sensory data and convert them into proper decisions. Then you need to act on those decisions using a mouse or keyboard. (You can find the best gaming supples Reviews At WiredShopper, this is the keyboard I use It’s even been said that gamers make some of the best pilots in the world.

It improves your eyesight

You will hear most parents concerned about affecting their kid’s eyesight when they play video games. Studies have actually shown that those who play games like the first-person shooter games have better eyesight than those who do not. Playing action games can improve the contrast sensitivity functions of the eye. It helps to distinguish between shades of gray against a black background as well. This can be very helpful for driving at night.

It improves the ability to learn

Video games can improve the flexibility of your brain. Players can manage more informational sources and stimuli when they play almost any games, but particularly video games. So, your cognitive flexibility improves.

There are many benefits of playing video games .So, if your child is playing a video game, you shouldn’t be worried. It will help them later in the professional and personal life. But you should be careful that your child doesn’t become addicted to video games. Too much involvement can be bad for their health.

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